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Our Story

Maberry Consulting: professional consulting services ! Business people plan presentation on digital tablet

Founded in 2003, MABERRY CONSULTING offers professional consulting services related to evaluation, development of competitive procurement RFPs, government proposal/bid writing, grant management and peer review, and grant research/writing, to 501(c)(3) non-profit agencies, businesses, state agencies, and schools/IHE.

Typically, our clients aspire to teach, to learn, to heal or to protect – not to endure the paperwork and legwork required to grow and maintain their services.

Maberry currently serves clients in 39 states, as well as select international projects.

In 2019, Maberry Consulting acquired Heartland Institutional Review Board.  HIRB is a commercial IRB comprised of experienced researchers from a variety of disciplines who are dedicated to finding solutions through research and evaluation processes. Their goal is to offer expert review of research and program evaluation protocols while providing our clients with clear and informative feedback to ensure compliance with regulations for ethical treatment of human subjects. They review research and program evaluation protocols weekly and can even expedite review when necessary.

Why we are different

Smarter and smaller, MCES offers a full range of services all neatly housed in a boutique location in the Metro‐East region of St. Louis. MCES has a cadre of consultants, content experts, credentialed evaluators, professional writers, and researchers—a small team whose collective skills and experience form a broad base of creative talent that delivers highly‐personalized client services. MCES’ goals for our clients are to maximize their impact on target populations; increase program sustainability and effectiveness; enhance their capacity to provide services; and create collaboration to better serve those in need.

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Shelley Maberry

Founder, owner and CEO

Lynne Paeno

Senior Manager