Our Services

Maberry Consulting specialize as grantwriters and project developers and can work with your project
from conception to completion.

Creation of Non Profit Organization 501(C)(3) and Non Profit Consulting Services
Our nonprofit organization creation services include professional preparation of state Articles of Incorporation, bylaws and IRS Form 1023 preparation. The filing fees are not included and vary by state. For more on related services, check out our nonprofit development consulting page. Nonprofit creation can be the crucial first step towards acquiring grant funding, as many funders require proof of nonprofit status prior to grant awards.

Fund Development Planning
This is a research based service to identify the most likely funding sources that are in line with your organizations
mission and goals. Service includes initial intake call, research, and follow up call to discuss the identified grants
and to prepare a course of action based on your needs and available resources.

Grant Writing and Proposal Writing
Maberry Consulting offers comprehensive grant writing services and proposal writing. With your input, we will prepare your grant application, proposals, forms, budgets, attachments, and submit the application in either electronic or paper form, as required by the funder. Fees are based on the technical requirements of the proposal as well as narrative length.

Grant Writing Training
Could your staff benefit from a full day of grant writing training? We offer workshops for the novice to the more seasoned grant writers. Grant writer training agendas are available upon request. Grant Writing Trainings can also be a successful fundraiser for a non profit organization.

Municipal Grant Writing
Why don't more municipalities apply for grants? Usually because the grant writing process is something of an unknown, but Maberry Consulting can help. Increased demand for municipal services and facilities, coupled with tight municipal budgets, are requiring local municipalities to seek outside sources of funding to meet local needs.

RFP Response Services
Is your business interested in expanding its pipeline through competitive government contracts and awards? Our experienced government RFP writers, Volume Leads, and Proposal Managers and can help your business prepare a federal, state, or local government RFP response from response template to the complete bid package.

Strategic Planning Session
If your organization is in need of strategic planning services, Maberry Consulting can help. We can determine where you are, where you want to be and most importantly how you can get there through grant-funded programming.

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