Nonprofit Development Consulting

Formation of non-profit (501 (c) 3) corporation
Getting the IRS to grant your organization tax-exempt status is no easy task, especially for a group just forming. By the IRS' own estimate, the average time required to complete a full application (Form 1023) is about 200 hours! Letting us help can greatly reduce the stress and confusion associated with the process.

This service includes professional preparation of state Articles of Incorporation, bylaws and IRS Form 1023 preparation.

Strategic planning

We can determine where you are, where you want to be and how you can get there through grant funded programming. We help build focused, effective organizations by establishing the following key elements:

  • Mission statement -The organization's basic purpose; the needs it aims to fill and a general description of how it will do so.
  • Goals - Measurable indicators of what must be achieved to fulfill the mission.
  • Strategies - An assessment of potential obstacles to achieving organizational goals, and a plan to overcome them. (These may require frequent revision, as the organization adapts to changing circumstances inside and outside.)
  • Action plans - Clearly worded, specific steps that must be taken to implement each strategy, broken down by department, staff position, etc.
  • Monitoring plans - A plan and schedule or tracking how well the organization's action plans, goals and mission are being fulfilled, and whether changes are needed.

In addition to "big picture" strategic planning, an outside consultant can also help find a path to resolve smaller individual issues regarding budgeting, marketing, etc.

You may want to consider an outside facilitator if:
- your organization has never done strategic planning;
- previous plans were not effective;
- current planners are unable to reach consensus;
- potential facilitators from inside the organization lack the time or inclination to collect a wide range of input;
- an outsider's perspective, free of preconceived notions, is sought.

Board training and development
Most nonprofit organizations are required to have a board of directors. In a best-case scenario, the board effectively monitors the organization's overall health, letting managers, staff, and volunteers focus on the everyday tasks required to realize their mission.

Best-case scenarios are rare, however. To prevent conflict between board and staff requires careful selection of personnel and board structure. Finding qualified individuals willing to bear the responsibility of serving on a board can be difficult, and laws governing boards vary by state. Our experienced staff can help find the people and structure that work best for your circumstances, or work to improve the function of existing boards.

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